Who Is Jack Born?

I’m an entrepreneur with an exceptional understanding of the technical side of marketing on the internet.

Some of my consulting clients think of me as “the web guy” but really that’s just a small portion of what I do. I focus on direct response marketing. I like to know what’s working and what’s not at all times.

Sure, branding is important, but in the short term I’m most interested in bringing in more revenue than my marketing costs.

What I can offer

If you’re looking for someone that can make the complex simple and show how to build automated client attraction programs, then I’m your guy.

What makes me unique

Take all the folks that know how to build a professional looking website and think of that group as a big circle…

Think of a slightly smaller circle inside of that… representing all the folks in the first group that spend their own money marketing online.

An even smaller circle to represent the folks that understand direct response marketing.

A smaller circle inside that… representing the remaining folks that have sales experience. I’m talking about real face to face, belly to belly sales. Quotas. Rejection. Closing experience. Sales.

I’ve worked for top sales organizations like AT&T and Merrill Lynch.

I put my own money on the line every day.

And I know how to make sales using direct response marketing.

I also happen to know the technical side of building websites and creating software applications.

It’s a rare and strange mix of left and right brain talents. That’s what makes me unique.

Who I can help

If you’re struggling to find clients, particularly with your website and the search engines, and you’re ready to make a real commitment to your marketing, then please fill out a client information form and let’s schedule a phone consultation.

Who I can’t help

If you’re not ready to try new ideas…
If you’re not ready to invest in your marketing…

Then we’re not a good match… at least right now.


Please fill out the client information form and fax it back to me. My assistant will arrange a time for us to speak on the phone.