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Search Engine Optimization Tweak in 30 Seconds

Looking at my blog today, I realized that yesterday’s post about my Canonical Url Tool has a pretty lame headline and the only folks that will find it via Google will be uber nerds, like me, that know what a canonical url is already.

So, this short post is to put it in proper perspective, slap a more effective headline on the topic, and hopefully generate additional interest.

The Problem

Like any good blogger/webmaster you’ve been building up your backlinks. You’ve examined your internal linking. But looking at your server logs, you notice something odd:

Not all your backlinks are pointing to the same version of your home page.

For example:

  • http://yoursite.com/
  • http://www.yoursite.com/
  • http://www.yoursite.com/index.php
  • http://yoursite.com/index.php

You’re looking for every possible edge when it comes to search engine optimization and you’ve read that stupid Mr. Googlebot gets confused and doesn’t give you as much credit for those backlinks as if they all pointed to the exact same url.
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Canonical URL Tool

When I create a new website, one of the very first things I do is a simple trick with mod rewrite that let’s me tweak the site for better search engine optimization.

This tool I’ve created makes it easy to set it up so that

  1. Your website url will always have “www” in front of it
  2. Links with index.php or index.html will be rewritten so that the index is removed and the trailing slash is used

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