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Swamped with Emails

No, not spam. I have good solutions for that.

I currently spend the first three hours of my day answer two types of emails:

I’m just about to buy your product, but I need to ask you these questions first…


I just bought your product, but I need to ask you these questions and I’m in a super big hurry…

This is a good problem to have. My revenue is increasing, and providing this personal support drives a lot of sales.

But I don’t have time to do much else, and I’ve got two notebooks full of project ideas just begging to be put into action. No kidding.

So here’s the plan:
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Completed My First 15k Race

Three years ago I drove my wife to downtown Jacksonville to play my role as the supportive husband that held the camera, and her gear until she crossed the finish line an hour or so after the starting gun fired. It’s a role I was familiar with, since I was not a runner.

But hearing the enormous cannon go off, followed by “Chariots of Fire” theme music blaring over enormous speakers as a sea of runners surged forward, I got a jolt of adrenalin. I yearned to be in the race. I wanted to cross the finish line.

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