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Post Affiliate Pro Cookie Problem

Post Affiliate Pro Cookie Problem

Earlier this year I was doing a very involved project integrating Post Affiliate Pro and Modern Bill when I came across a problem…

Cookies were disappearing.

And if affiliates aren’t making sales… they’re going to move on to a competitor that has the services and the tracking systems in place to monetize that traffic.

Luckily, I’d come across this before when writing my own PHP apps. You see, if you don’t know what you’re doing when you’re setting a cookie, chances are that you’re not going to get your desired end result. Continue reading →

Confusion Over Affiliate Software

Idev Affiliate

Over the past week or so I’ve received plenty of emails wondering if I’m changing my mind all of a sudden and now recommending Idev Affiliate.

[the post that sparked the emails is here]

The answer is no.

I haven’t done the review yet. I haven’t even installed the software.

My plan is to install the software, take notes, make slides, record videos and give my analysis as I move through the process… and then sum it all up at the end.

Here’s what I expect to find: Continue reading →

Idev Affiliate Gets a Second Look

Idev Affiliate

A few months back I got a voice mail message from the creator of Idev Affiliate, Jim Webster. He believed that some of my comments about Post Affiliate Pro versus Idev Affiliate didn’t add up and he wanted to know where I got some of my information.

[here's my review of Post Affiliate Pro]

So we played phone tag and email tag for a bit until we could finally talk on the phone for an hour or two. And I learned a lot…

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Post Affiliate Pro Tutorials

I’ve just updated a ton of new videos and resources for Post Affiliate Pro.

I’m finalizing the password protected section of my site and uploading the videos to my server. Over the past several months I’ve discovered even better ways to install Post Affiliate Pro to make it easier to attract your own affiliates.

Here’s a very small taste of what my clients get when they purchase Post Affiliate Pro through my affiliate link:

More videos will be coming soon. I’ll upload the short clips to YouTube and then post longer ones here.

Right now I offer

  • 20 online videos each about 6 minutes long
  • Custom PHP code as shown in the videos
  • Custom HTML templates I created (two of them)
  • Custom email templates for use with Post Affiliate Pro
  • Full PDF of my slide presentation seen in the videos
  • Discount off my video review of your website (optional, separate service costs extra)

It doesn’t cost anything extra…

Post Affiliate Pro Bonuses

Step 1: Click this link

Step 2: Buy Post Affiliate Pro

Step 3: Send me your information here and once I verify your order I’ll give you a login for all the good stuff

1Shopping Cart Affiliate Program Problems

I’ve seen numerous posts and articles lately about affiliate tracking issues in the hosted ecommerce and affiliate service 1shoppingcart.com and I have a solution.

Basically, the problem was/is that the new affiliate tracking system 1shoppingcart.com switched to is losing track of some of the affiliate information, and as a result, affiliates are losing money they should be entitled to.

Nothing angers an affiliate marketer more than pulling off a successful promotion only to have problems getting credit for the sales.

If you use 1shoppingcart.com, you’re not going to like my solution, but here it is:
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Affiliate Software Review

With one of my products, Ultimate Form Mail, going gang busters, I have decided to finally launch an affiliate program. This affiliate program is going to be very generous, and I’m going to put a lot of time into developing tools and tutorials to help my affiliates succeed.

A few things occurred to me as I was planning the install:

  1. I’ve done a lot of research on different affiliate software and systems
  2. Installing any of these software products isn’t easy
  3. I have a lot of technical programming tips and tricks that anyone setting up an affiliate system to promote products would want to know

So, in a future post I’ll be announcing a 48 hour sale on the product I’ve created that’s a brain dump of everything I can show you about creating your own affiliate system (using commercially available software, and which one to use) so you don’t have to pay monthly fees to someone else (like 1shoppingcart.com).

Part of the package is a collection of templates, html, and programming code that I created for my own system. I’ll give these to you so you can plug them into your own system, or modify them to meet your needs.