1Shopping Cart Affiliate Program Problems

I’ve seen numerous posts and articles lately about affiliate tracking issues in the hosted ecommerce and affiliate service 1shoppingcart.com and I have a solution.

Basically, the problem was/is that the new affiliate tracking system 1shoppingcart.com switched to is losing track of some of the affiliate information, and as a result, affiliates are losing money they should be entitled to.

Nothing angers an affiliate marketer more than pulling off a successful promotion only to have problems getting credit for the sales.

If you use 1shoppingcart.com, you’re not going to like my solution, but here it is:

  1. Research several commercially available software packages
  2. Pick the best one
  3. Install it on your own server
  4. Configure it to work across multiple websites, for multiple products
  5. That’s it.

As simple as I made that sound, it’s actually much more difficult – but the rewards can be huge.

The difficult part about the process is:

  • Researching the products takes time
  • Most software available to run your affiliate system will limit your options, not increase them
  • Most software won’t work for multiple products across multiple websites
  • Configuring the software correctly can be confusing

I’ve put together a video program that will soon be available on DVD that shortcuts the entire process, eliminates the time consuming research, makes installation a breeze, and shows you exactly how to configure the software to work across multiple domains and products.

I’m currently compiling the avi’s so I can create the DVD’s. Once I get the first DVD printed and I review it, I’ll run a 48 hour sale. Right now, I’m thinking $10 or so plus shipping. That could change, but it’s going to be a steep discount off the full price.

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#1 Health Affiliate on 09.27.10 at 8:36 am

Thanks for the tips. I have had difficulties managing multiple affiliate programs with 1shoppingcart since my original affiliate program was specific to one niche and I have affiliates signed up to my program generating good revenue. My business has since branched out to other health niches and integrating with 1shoppingcart has been a pain since the original affiliates would have to update their links – and I know that is a pain from personal experience as an affiliate. Is it an option to have a second 1shoppingcart account for the new health affiliate program I am developing and leaving the first niche product in the original 1shoppingcart account? Something I have to consider – by the way Jack, Im in planet perry also so I see your tutorials regular and they are great additions to Perry info.

#2 Jack on 09.27.10 at 11:02 am

Hey, thanks for the kudos. I’m not much of a 1shoppingcart user. I purchased a license recently just to test some software that I’m creating, but that’s a different story. I’d go with something a lot more flexible: http://www.jackborn.com/affiliate-marketing/idev-affiliate-gets-a-second-look/

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